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Current Exhibition

Reilly Jensen: "Salvage"
September 2 - September 28, 2014   

    SALVAGE #4 , 2014
Reilly Jensen
charcoal and acrylic on panel
40" x 60"
16 x 16.5 x 15.5 in   

Artist Statement: REILLY JENSEN’s fascination with machine parts might well be the basis for her habitual acquiescence to the “call of the junkyard”. In this place, the multitudes of ruined and discarded parts are artifacts of our disposable culture, of our unquenchable persistence for the new. Reilly is intrigued by the obsolete stuff and inspired by their burial grounds. Here lies the mechanical detritus reflecting the former “lives” of automobiles whose owner’s egos came also to rest, metaphorically, in oily ignoble graveyards.

Scrap piles are the subject matter of the artist’s new body of work. Salvage is inspired by these objects but morphs between mechanical and organic, reality and imagination. These are not acres of trash but rather mounds of matter moving through a transitional state. As you look more closely, it becomes evident that intertwined among the mechanical "bones" are human and animal remains, hinting at the lives to which these machines were once tied. Jensen explores the similarities between the machine's finite usefulness and our own human mortality. Will these old parts become something new? Will we?

Reilly Jensen attended the University of Kansas where, under Roger Shimomura, she received her degree in drawing and printmaking. Currently, Jensen resides in Seattle where she has been exhibiting continuously since 2001.


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