Katie Metz


June 2 - July 9, 2016

Katie Metz

Katie Metz paints the city. She works and lives in the heart of its electric pulse, and her work expresses the immediacy of her experience. Her panoramic perspective takes us from the freeway overpass to the top of skyscrapers, but always we feel grounded by human witness: the walker, the witness, transfixed and immersed.

Working instinctively, Metz fearlessly telescopes architectural structure and infrastructure, overlaying it with a mosaic of expressive yet accurate detail. Using a matrix of line and subtle tonalities, her paintings weave disparate elements into a dazzling tapestry. From a distance we read walls and windows and buildings. As we come close the scrim of marks from which she builds her imagery begins to hum, and we can hear the echo of traffic and human voices as they ricochet in canyons of concrete and steel.Although the presence of people is indicated only in the most abstract way, we sense the voice and the crowd behind the shifting pattern of windows and the ribbon of cars.

In Metz’s studio a section of wall frames a growing collage of razor blades, the tool with which she draws the city. In using this tiny blade of metal to capture monumental architecture she meets metal with metal.The sharpness and expressive accuracy of her line lives at the intersection of emotion and observation. Each mark bridges the distance between alienation and connection and welcomes us into our own engagement with the urban environment.