Catherine Eaton Skinner


March 1 - March 31, 2018



Reiteration dwells in the realm of the horizontal line:


  • the boundary between sky and ocean
  • landscapes of desert and open land
  • layers of water laid frozen into ice
  • strata of earth walls with subtle seeps of water marks
  • seismic wavelengths and the tracking of heart rhythms


Working with oil stick, encaustic wax and silver leaf, Skinner creates panels that vibrate between opposites: dense blacks and graphite paired with white; ultramarine blue with the palest of grays.


Her array of marks – delicate tracery to heavy incising – echo the basic elements of our natural systems. The work patterns what she sees out of the corner of her eye, beneath footsteps to distant views.


This work is part of Skinner’s Accumulation series, which follows the final paintings of Marking Code in her book 108, published recently by Radius Books of Santa Fe.

March, 2018

Catherine E. Skinner